About Us

At the beginning of this century, Andaluza de Oficina was born with a business vision that would transform the way of understanding work spaces, going from considering them as standardized and impersonal places, to turning them into an extension of our own image, our feelings and our values.
Over time, the company becomes a benchmark in the office furniture sector due to its dedication, professionalism and human quality. Focused on constant and personalized attention to our clients, and with a firm and determined commitment, in which design is at the service of functionality, without renouncing aesthetic value and maximum quality.


Significant investments in state-of-the-art machinery, development of processes that guarantee a very high standard of quality and a deep-rooted commitment to service in order to find the best possible solution, have made it possible for the company to expand into international markets, where our growth potential is soaring.

This is why EMOBOK was born, a new brand that is more up-to-date, more global, more aware of environmental protection and more committed to people, the real inspiration for our way of working.

Because we want work spaces to become spaces for coexistence, spaces that stimulate creativity, that provide comfort and make us feel that it is that place and not another, where we want to be when we are not at home.

Because EMOBOK is Emotion and is Space. It is people and it is furniture. Two in one to turn our workplace into a place to connect people with people