Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L., in compliance with Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (hereinafter, LSSI), informs you that:

The owner of the website whose URL is (hereinafter, the Website) Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. with address for notification purposes at Pol. Industrial La Campiña, Calle Navarra 1, 41400 Écija (Sevilla).

Notwithstanding the foregoing and as we communicate in our Privacy Policy, products and services of the following entities are offered on the Web:

Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. provided with VAT No. B-41995812 and whose main activity is the production, design and distribution of office furniture.

In accordance with the established of art. 26 RGPD these entities will be responsible for the processing of your data, having established by mutual agreement their respective responsibilities in complying with the obligations imposed by the RGPD.

The company will be denominated as a whole as Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L., without prejudice to its unitary name when appropriate.

For these purposes Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. communicate the following point of contact:

Pol. Industrial La Campiña, Calle Navarra 1
41400 Écija, Sevilla
VAT No: B-41995812
Telephone: +34 954 83 38 23

Acceptance of the conditions of use

These conditions regulate the use of the Web and are complemented by the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy and, in this case, the particular conditions that apply to it (hereinafter, commonly referred to as “the Conditions of Use”). By using the Web you declare that you have read and accept, fully and without reservation, these Conditions of Use, our Privacy Policy and Cookies, when applicable; taking place a binding contract with Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. after their express acceptance.

Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. reserves the right to modify the terms of the Conditions of Use and of the services included in its Web. In such a case, Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. will notify sufficiently in advance of any changes to the Conditions of Use and will proceed to publish them in their new version, replacing automatically the previous ones. The subsequent use of the Web after a modification of the Conditions of Use will suppose the unequivocal acceptance of the same.

If you do not accept the Conditions of Use or the changes that occur in them, you can terminate the contract, either by not making use of the services offered through the Web.

You acknowledge and accept that the information contained, both in reference to the specifications of the Services and Content offered on the Web, as well as the Conditions of Use and perfection of the contract, are enough and sufficient for the exclusion of error in the formation of the consent.

Acquisition of the condition of user

The use of the Web, browsing its contents and/or the access to the Services attributes the condition of the Web User (hereinafter, the “User”) and implies full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the provisions included in these Terms of Use in the version published by Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. in the same moment in which the User accesses to the Web.

In principle, the access to the Contents and Public Services of the Web will be free of charge and will not require registration by the User. However, in the event that the User wants to access to Contents and Services and/or to forms that require data registration, it will be done by previously accepting our Privacy Policy.

Any person who provides data through the Web must be of legal age and have full legal capacity and capacity to act, providing the data that Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. requested through the registration form.

When filling in the contact forms on the Web, all the information you provide must be true, exact and complete. For these purposes, the User guarantees the authenticity of all the communicated data. Likewise, it will be the responsibility of the User to keep all the information provided to Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. permanently updated so that it responds, at all times, to his real situation. In any case, the User will be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made and for damages of any kind, caused to Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. or to third parties, because of the information the User provides.

Contracting of services

The products and services offered on the website are the same as those offered by Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. are offered, but they can only be contracted, after contacting Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. For this, completing the form included in the different sections of the same or contacting us directly through our Customer Service at the telephone number 954 83 38 23 or by email Our managers will attend to your needs, offer you the service or product you require and, where appropriate, contract it through the subscription of Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. notify you, governing the established in said Contract the support of the contracted products or services.

The prices for the products and/or services will be expressed in euros and the contracting language will be Spanish.

Privacy and data

To access the Services and Contents and/or forms included in the Web that require the registration of your identification data, you must read and freely accept our Privacy Policy before providing your data.

– Cookies
Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. may use cookies during the provision of Services and Content on the Web. All the information about the use that Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. makes of cookies, is collected and detailed in our Cookies Policy.

Intellectual property

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It is forbidden to delete, manipulate or in any way alter the “copyright” and other identifying data of the reservation of rights of Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. or their owners.

Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. only assumes responsibility for the contents of its ownership, which will be identified with the ©copyright symbol. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. does not assume any responsibility for the misuse you make of the contents of our website, being the sole responsibility of the person who accesses or uses them.

Nor do we assume any responsibility for the information contained in the web pages of third parties that can be accessed through channels or search engines from our web page, nor for the content that comes from sources external to Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. in case of being included in our website since they may not be updated or be inaccurate. In the event of having knowledge of this, Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. will do everything reasonably possible so that said contents are updated or rectified.


No link may be established to the website of Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. from any other website without the prior and express consent of Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. However, in the event that said hyperlinks exist from other websites or portals, it will not imply the existence of agreements, recommendation, promotion or identification of Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. with the linked content or services, unless expressly indicated.

Use of the web and responsibility

In general, the User is obliged to comply with these Conditions of Use and, where appropriate, the special warnings or instructions for use contained on the Web and always act in accordance with the Law, good customs and the requirements of good faith, using due diligence to the nature of the service you enjoy, refraining from using the Web in any way that could prevent, damage or deteriorate its normal operation, the assets or rights of Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. its suppliers, partners, other users and in general any third party.

Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. provides access to information of various kinds on its website, assuming you are responsible for its use. You agree to make appropriate use of the content and services (such as chat services, discussion forums or news groups) that Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. offers through its website and by way of expository but not limitation, not to use them to (i) engage in illegal activities, illegal or contrary to good faith and public order; (ii) disseminate content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic, pornographic-illegal nature, advocating terrorism or attacking human rights; (iii) causing damage to the physical and logical systems of Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. of its suppliers or third parties, introducing or spreading computer viruses or any other physical or logical systems that are capable of causing the aforementioned damage; (iv) try to access and, where appropriate, use the email accounts of other users and modify or manipulate their messages.

Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. reserves the right to withdraw all those comments and contributions that violate respect for the dignity of the person, that are discriminatory, xenophobic, racist, pornographic, that threaten youth or childhood, public order or security or that, in his opinion, would not be suitable for publication. In any case, Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. will not be responsible for the opinions expressed by users through forums, chats, or other participation tools.

Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. declines all responsibility arising from the exchange of information between users through its website.

The Services offered on the Web are offered to the User without any remuneration and only entail for the User the obligation to comply with these Conditions of Use. Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. therefore, regarding these Services, is not obliged to comply with certain levels of availability of the Web or adopt specific security measures. Likewise, Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. may suspend, withdraw or, partially or totally, cancel the Services not subject to contracting at any time and without the need for prior notice.

The Internet connection, necessary to access to the Web, is in no case provided by Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. and is the responsibility of the User. It is the responsibility of the User to adopt all appropriate technical measures to reasonably control these risks and avoid damage to their equipment, loss of data and theft of confidential information.

For these purposes, you must have updated systems for detecting malicious software, such as viruses, Trojans, etc., as well as having updated security patches for the corresponding browsers you use. For more information, you can go to your Internet Access Service Provider who will be able to provide you with more information.

Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. is not responsible and excludes its responsibility, to the fullest extent permitted by law, for damages that may arise from, merely by way of expository and not limitation (i) Inferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, breakdowns and/or or disconnections in the operational functioning of this electronic system or in the devices and computer equipment of the Users due to causes unaware of Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. that prevent or delay the provision of the Services and Content or browsing the Web; (ii) Delays or blockages in use caused by deficiencies or overloads of the Internet or other electronic systems; (iii) That may be caused by third parties through illegitimate interference outside the control of the Web and that are not attributable to it.

-Duration and Termination.
The provision of web Services has, in principle, an indefinite duration. However, Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. may terminate the provision of services, cancel or unsubscribe the User in the evento, that the User fails to comply with any condition and/or obligation included in these Conditions of Use. All this, without renouncing the legal actions that could be exercised and the claim that for damages Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. However, it is authorized to terminate or suspend the provision of the Web at any time. When this is reasonably possible, Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. will notify, as far in advance as possible, the termination or suspension of the provision of the Web service.


The User may not assign this contract (in whole or in part), without the prior written consent of Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. However, Andaluza de Oficinas, S.L. may assign all or part of this Agreement to any entity that may take over the provision of the Services included in the Website in the future, notifying it thirty days prior to the date on which it should take effect.

– Applicable Law

These Conditions are governed and interpreted in accordance with current Spanish legislation. For any conflict that may arise, the User agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Seville capital, unless the application of the law may result in another competent jurisdiction. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the parties will do everything reasonably necessary to resolve conflicts amicably.