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Our designers are responsible for creating unique office furniture that provides a personalized style and character for your work environment.

Rafa Ortega


In 1985 he studied industrial design in Barcelona. In 1992 he returned to Valencia working as a freelance for his own clients and collaborating with different companies.
Since 1994 he has run his own studio with Cristina Gutiérrez (gutierrezyortega design), focusing his activity on furniture projects for the office, contract and home. Design of accessories, complements and bathroom furniture, both technical and home lighting design.

Its activity has been developed in very diverse fields, from the design of exhibitions, stands, ephemeral installations, to interior design projects, and design of office and single-family buildings.

Prizes and awards

Various recognitions and awards are given to him. In 1996 Rafa Ortega obtains the 1st. Prize in the Design section and is selected to represent Valencia in the “Biennial of Young Creators of Europe and the Mediterranean”, to be held in Turin in 1997.

In 1998 they are selected to participate in Sarajevo in a competition prior to the Biennial of Young Artists of Mediterranean Europe, held in Rome in 1999.

In 2008, within the first Sidi S. XXI selection, the Cubox design, produced by Do+Ce, received the first prize within the home furniture selection (at a national level).

In 2009 they are selected to participate in the exhibition «Suma y Sigue del disseny a la Comunitat Valenciana», at the Valencian Museum of Illustration and Modernity (MuVIM).

Rafa Ortega in Emobok

Their work is characterized by carrying out exhaustive monitoring of all the processes involved in a new project from creation to manufacturing; going through the renders, plans, CAD environment files, technical office, production and supervision of rapid prototyping, etc…

His design office furniture

Rafa Ortega is the designer of two of our most acclaimed series: Start and Emo-Table, as well as the new series launched at Emobok: Poni.

Emobok Team


EMOBOK’s own designs respond to the needs and evolution of the market and its design. Its creators Natividad Lamela and Francisco Flores are the perfect tandem.

Natividad Lamela

She was born into a family of carpenters and grew up in the family business dedicated to the manufacture of wooden chairs. In 2003 he studied industrial design in Seville. For more than 10 years it has been dedicated to the development of furniture products and projects, connecting design with manufacturing

Francisco J.Flores

In 2004 he studied architecture in Seville.
Shortly after finishing his university stage, he began to collaborate with architecture studios, until in 2015 he joined the design department of AEMMCE. (Asociación de Empresas de la Madera y el Mueble en la Comarca de Écija).
From then on, he focused his work on the development of furniture projects for offices and the home, participating in all facets of its design: from the conception of the furniture to its manufacture.

During this period his activity is not exclusive to furniture, but, in parallel, he also collaborates as a free-lance with the ARQUINOX architecture studio, where he participates in the development of interior design projects and residential buildings.

Lorenzo Lebrón

In 2002 he studied Superior Architecture in Seville.
He began his professional career in the field of furniture design within a small family business linked to personalized and made-to-measure kitchen furniture.

After five years of training and gaining experience, he took over the direction of the Technical and Design Department of a company with a long professional tradition in the wood sector, creating its own brand and sales line nationwide.
In 2022 he becomes part of our technical team. Providing more than 11 years of experience in product design and development.

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