Emo-Vity Max

The height adjustment turns into the perfect alternative to create new work areas that allow the user to comfortably switch positions between sitting and standing, thus stimulating posture and mental activity. Emo-Vity is precision, ergonomics and design.

Emo-Vity Basic

Emo-Vity opens the door to new designs in which each of us can create his own workplace.

Emo-Vity Basic Bench

The Bench extends the normal use of a work table and allows us to transform this work area into a place where spontaneous meetings and brainstorming can take place.




Emo-Vity Max

*RAL close to degree 2

Emo-Vity Basic

*RAL close to degree 2

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The benefits of a height adjustable desk

The way of working is evolving as society does. Workspaces become more lively, up-to-date and versatile spaces. The co-working concept has come to be installed in our day-to-day life, which is why we have developed and expanded our lines to respond to the needs of our customers.

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