Pony is a friend to interact with. It is a seat, a table, a chest of drawers, a trunk,, we move it from its box to our chosen site. Ideal for meeting with colleagues, in classrooms…

Mobility, education, work and training

This module on wheels is designed to be versatile: as a trunk or chest of drawers doing its function as a seat.
The versatility of its table can be oriented according to the desired work position.

Like a PONI returned to its box, it can be stored under the numbered lockers or in personal spaces.






*RAL close to degree 2

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also in 3D

Series designed
by Rafa Ortega

A fun, daring, youthful, functional and comfortable design

Accessing to the work by car or by public transport can be slowed down by traffic conditions or simply sometimes it is not the most favourable.

From here arises the idea of ​​a more dynamic concept that is generated with a more transgressive user, who is not conditioned by tradition and understands that being pragmatic can be more logical.

This is how PONI emerged, who gives the family its name and which allows the evolution of this culture and reach all users.

The trend in cities is to find the most sustainable and practical transport, such as it could be the electric scooter.

This element is changing the user’s habits, what allows him to access a workplace, a classroom, a laboratory, coworking. The choice of its name refers to the shape of this small and dynamic seat.

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