Under the exclusive seal of Rafa Ortega as the new Creative Director, ANDALUZA DE OFICINAS presents EMO-TABLE.

Adaptation, functionality and innovation

Smart furniture that meets the new demands of social
A design that was created out of emotion and executed out of the mind with which EMOBOK positions itself as an innovative brand, intuitive, modern and above all able to offer future-oriented solutions




*RAL close to degree 2

CompacMel Plus Table Top

Discover our complete

also in 3D

Series designed
by Rafa Ortega

More than a desk

The design of the Emo-Table desk includes a bag and a bottle holder as a comfort feature and as a small detail, which at the same time reinforce the concepts of hygiene, order and security. With Emo-Table, we anticipate the trend towards minimalist design, which strives for easy organization, stacking or cleaning, with a preference for multi-purpose rooms that allow freedom and variety of forms of use and functionalities.

Our home is no longer rooms in which we can put our things, but much more rooms in which our experiences take place.

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